Designed and installed by: Lifestyle Designs NE Ltd, Consett

Budget: £8k - £12k see more in this price range

Kitchen style used


The Brief

What this kitchen may lack in size, it more than makes up on for it’s great use of space and appealing design.  The clients wanted a gloss kitchen and fell in love with alabaster but trimmed in ebony. The result is a tasteful and considered colour palette that is easy to live with but has a modern sophistication about it.  The slim 20mm worktops co-ordinate perfectly with the scheme.

Designer's Tips

The clients ideally would have loved a table and chairs to make the space really sociable, but with space at a premium, this was not an option. The designer suggested a breakfast bar, which in fact, they clients prefer as it’s more intimate and is ideal for quick snacks and breakfast or chit-chatting over a coffee.