Designed and installed by: C & C Kitchens Ltd, Cheshunt

Budget: £16k - £20k see more in this price range

Kitchen style used


The Brief

The clients were keen to modernise and brighten up their existing kitchen, which was not only dated in appearance but didn’t work well on a practical level. The sink and cooking areas were too close together and there was little space to put things down. Although a large room, there are a lot of windows, doors and nibs and the clients didn’t want any wall units around the sink, leaving many items to be rehomed – smart storage was a must for the new design.  On the oven run the furniture was double stacked to increase storage, perfect for items that are not used on a regular basis. Porter White cabinetry instantly freshens up the interior and teams beautifully with the light grey-toned quartz worktops.

Designer's Tips

The clients were keen to inject colour to the scheme so rather than opt for a bright door or worktop the designer suggested introducing a vivid tone on the wall. This can easily and affordably be updated, if required. Defined working zones were created so the clients had their own space if working together in the kitchen.  Gently-curved cabinetry has been used on the base and wall runs to soften the edges and helps the room to flow.