Designed and installed by: Loline Interiors, Biggleswade

Budget: £16k - £20k see more in this price range

Kitchen style used


The Brief

The clients wanted to revamp their kitchen to create a fresh, modern look that wouldn’t date. They opted for the clean lines of the Remo design, which has an air of simplicity that will remain timeless.  To add interest to the design they chose a mix of white and cashmere finishes.  A bespoke feel has been achieved through the clever use of curved and glazed cabinetry.

Designer's Tips

The kitchen floor space remained unchanged however a major improvement to the scheme was a suggestion by the designer to use midi units along the back wall which instantly creates a feeling of more space. It also allows for larder storage either side of the oven as well as more room for open and more decorative storage above.

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